Saturday 23 March 2019

GasanMamo employees help to protect the environment

On a sunny spring day, a group of GasanMamo employees headed up to Golden Bay and rolled up their sleeves to help the Gaia Foundation remove some of the Acacia trees found in the area. The Gaia Foudation’s aim is to protect the land from erosion and maintain the ecological integrity of the habitats within certain sites, an ongoing process which is hard to complete due to the lack of human resources. With GasanMamo currently supporting one of Gaia Foundation’s projects called “Olympus”, their employees gave a helping hand in the removal of the main alien  species on the site, the Acacia Tree and replaced it by a number of different species such as Lentisk, Mediterranean Buckthorn, Yellow Leaved Germander and Evergreen Honeysuckle.

“We would like to thank GasanMamo and their staff for coming to  Golden Bay and helping us with the removal of the Acacia trees,” said Dr Rudolf Ragonesi, Chief Executive Officerof the Foundation. “We have welcomed GasanMamo’s collaboration and staff. This will allow us to step up in our conservation in Natura 2000 sites in an effort to safeguard them for future generations.”


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