Monday 25 March 2019

British American Tobacco Malta employees assist the homeless

Employees from British American Tobacco Malta volunteered at Dar Leopoldo in Gzira, one of four homes operated by Fondazzjoni Suret il-Bniedem. Held under the theme of “Bringing value every day to society”, company employees performed various renovation works, including the sealing of the home’s roofs against rain water infiltration, painting to brighten the home interior, purchased new mattresses, bed linen and pillows, and produced Christmas logs for residents. The company covered both the expenses involved in this initiative as well as its employees’ time.
“Most homeless people in Malta are invisible to society,” said the home coordinator Mr Andrew Cauchi. “Such persons could become homeless because of a personal situation that leads to homelessness. Such circumstances include family rejection, poverty, separation, sudden unemployment, residence forfeiture, gambling, or even a death. Some have multiple problems. Restoring a homeless person’s trust and confidence is neither easy nor immediate. Dar Leopoldo offers them an address they can start calling home until that person, step by step, is able to link up again with society. In this regard, Fondazzjoni Suret il-Bniedem is grateful for the support extended by British American Tobacco Malta and its employees as their initiative has significantly contributed towards the Home’s maintenance programme.”

Brightening parts of Dar Leopoldo - 1274

British American Tobacco Malta’s Head of Trade, Mr Charles Saliba, said: “This is yet another CSR initiative, as we believe in bringing value to the community. In the last couple of years, the company enhanced the area around Fort Rinella in Kalkara administered by Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna, collaborated with Ħad-Dingli Local Council in embellishing a comunity space, while in recognition of Fondazzjoni Suret il-Bniedem’s great work, we are supporting Dar Leopoldo.”

Employees preparing Christmas logs for residents - 1130

British American Tobacco was formed in 1902 as a joint venture between the UK’s Imperial Tobacco Company and the American Tobacco Company, founded by James ‘Buck’ Duke. In 1907, the company set up a sales depot in Malta. In mid-1950s, Rothmans set up a factory in Malta operating under the name of Carreras. In 1972, British American Tobacco and Rothmans established a factory operating under the name of Central Cigarette Company Limited (CCCL). In 1999, British American Tobacco and Rothmans merged globally ensuring a smooth transition of CCCL into the British American Tobacco Group. Following Malta’s entry into the EU, British American Tobacco Malta refocused as a trade marketing organisation.

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