Wednesday 16 January 2019

Blood Donor app goes live on World Blood Donor Day

Seasus is yet again expanding its Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio by becoming the social media managers of the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) in Malta .

This project was strongly desired and initiated by Alison Bone Casha, our Business Development Manager, a regular blood donor. After approaching the NBTS team and reaching a mutual agreement earlier this year, Seasus were appointed official social media managers for NBTS, creating an official online presence on Facebook which the organisation was missing out on, and now manage it on a daily basis, with the help of NBTS staff. In a matter of a few weeks, the page has attracted over 1000 Likes with regular content, photography and event updating.

Furthermore, to launch the World Blood Donor Day in Malta on Friday June 14th, Seasus inaugurated a custom app for NBTS Malta on Facebook – a Blood Donor Registration area to help the organisation collect new data for upcoming blood calls. The app, which can be accessed by anyone liking the NBTS Malta page, comes as an online form within a personalised design. By registering their details, users accept to be contacted by NBTS Malta during blood calls, even if they do not know their own blood type, or have never donated blood. “This is just another way of bringing us more donors, not just by those who donate blood regularly, but also supporters of the organisation, who although cannot donate blood for a number of reasons, may give their support by sharing the app with their friends and therefore attract new potential donors”, said Alison Bone Casha from Seasus.

“I have the blood donation cause at heart because it is a gift of life, and Seasus could not refuse to take on this project as part of its CSR strategy. After L-Istrina, RTK4Charity and Mission Fund, NBTS will definitely be part of us for a very long time ahead with yet more innovations to help such a generous organisation”.

To visit the official Facebook page of National Blood Transfusion Service-Malta, go to

To access the Blood Donor Registration app, like our page and click on the tab DONOR REGISTRATION.

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