Saturday 16 February 2019

Beyond the Moon awards

Pictured above: Roberta Pace, Pascale Somers, Daniel Abela and Sandra Chetcuti

The Vodafone Malta Foundation and entrepreneur Daniel Abela have  just been awarded a Silver Award by the Beyond the Moon Foundation, an award that recognises significant support by third parties to families of serious ill children. Beyond the Moon Co-Founder and Manager Pascale Somers presented this Award to Daniel Abela and the Vodafone Malta Foundation who supported more than 20 families in realizing a dream vacation with their children and provided them with invaluable and indelible moments of hope, strength and joy.

“Children always touch our hearts in special ways,” said Roberta Pace Administrator for the Vodafone Malta Foundation.  “And they do this even more when they are vulnerable, sick and in need of love and care.  This is not only felt by our Foundation but also by the Maltese community at large, evidenced by the extraordinary support the Maltese give throughout the year. We are very honoured that we received this award, making us proud to help out a support group that provides hope to these children and their families.”

In June 2008 Daniel Abela took on the challenge of rowing single-handedly from Sicily to Malta, in aid of the Puttinu Children’s Cancer Support Group and Beyond the Moon programme. The challenge, supported by the Vodafone Malta Foundation, other commercial entities and the general public, raised funds for a dream holiday at Disneyland Resort Paris for families with children suffering from cancer or other illnesses.

“I never imagined that what started off as a challenging stunt could evolve into a charity event that would deliver so much happiness and joy to so many families and children,” said Daniel Abela, “for this I am deeply grateful to the Vodafone Malta Foundation, other numerous business associates and the public that gave generously and encouraged me when I was preparing for this crossing.  The brave children I met gave me a lesson for life– despite all, they look at life with great courage and positivity and they are a great inspiration to all of us.  The kind words from their families have made my challenge more of a success and I cherish their holiday postcards jealously.”

Beyond the Moon offers families with seriously ill children the opportunity to enjoy a memorable, cost-free vacation in a child-friendly environment and also to spend carefree quality time together, far away from hospitals and treatments. Each category corresponds to the number of families with a seriously ill child, who enjoyed an unforgettable holiday, thanks to the financial contributions of the sponsor. In 2010, Daniel Abela and the Vodafone Malta Foundation received the Bronze Award for 10 families that had been offered quality time together during a family vacation, far away from hospitals.

“I am delighted that I am giving the Beyond the Moon Silver Award to Daniel Abela and Vodafone Malta Foundation’s 20th  family,” said Pascale Somers.  “On behalf of Beyond the Moon, I’m also very grateful for the successful long-lasting partnership that we have built with them. It is very encouraging for the Beyond the Moon team to receive positive reactions following tangible feedback by means of family testimonials that we commit ourselves to provide to our sponsors. Furthermore, our charity has a special way of recognizing its loyal sponsors, which consists of various categories of awards.”

The Vodafone Malta Foundation and Daniel Abela made it possible for these Maltese families to enjoy each other’s company, laugh together and strengthen their family ties. It is throught the great support of everyone involved, including Sandra Chetcuti, Beyond the Moon Ambassador for Malta and Dr Victor Calvagna and his medical team at Mater Dei Hospital, for having nominated these families that such a fantastic result was achieved and that so many Maltese families were made happy.

“Relexation, fun, enjoyment and laughter … Many beautiful moments,” said one of the parents that enjoyed the trip. “It is wonderful to realise that there are people who are willing to sponsor such trips. Our children really benefit from it and to know that people are willing to chip in to see them happy is what makes us really appreciate life and what Beyond the Moon really does.  We would also like to thank everyone involved in making this fun holiday a reality.”




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