Monday 22 April 2019

KMS Skolasport promotes Tai Chi as a gentle way to fight stress

In today’s rushed lifestyle more and more adults are seeking ways to fight back stress and regain their inner peace. The Tai Chi classes offered by the Kellogg’s sponsored programme KMS Skolasport presents a practical and engaging answer to alleviate and reduce tension.

Mary Anne Gauci (pictured above), KMS Skolasport Tai Chi instructor at the KMS Skolasport venue in Mosta, said: “Though originally developed in ancient China as a self-defence martial art, Tai Chi has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that is now used for stress reduction and other health conditions. Often described as meditation in motion, Tai Chi promotes serenity through gentle, flowing movements and helps reduce stress and anxiety.”

Tai Chi is practiced as a graceful form of exercise, involving a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. This discipline is a non-competitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching. Each movement flows into the next without pause, ensuring that the body is in constant fluid motion.

“Tai Chi uses low force and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, making it generally safe for all ages and fitness levels. In fact, Tai Chi is ideal for those adults who may find it difficult to exercise. Others may find Tai Chi appealing because it requires no special equipment and can be done indoors or outside, either alone or in a group,” added Ms Gauci.

“Kellogg’s, a food company with a 100-year heritage of nutrition leadership, constantly strives to seek out opportunities to actively help out children and adults alike to keep fit through balanced nutrition and physical exercises. Our 14 year old sponsorship with the KMS Skolasport programme is a prime example of how Kellogg’s is directly contributing to a healthier Maltese community irrespective of age.”

KMS Skolasport participants are now gearing up for their End of Year Sports Event. For further information, one can visit KMS website


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