Sunday 17 February 2019

Ilsien in-Nisa team participate in the Malta marathon

Pauline Agius, Moira Delia and Clare Agius, together with Charmaine Taylor – founder of The Ostomy Club – during the presentation of Kellogg’s Special K gifts at the Malta Marathon. Claire Agius Ordway is missing as she was running the full marathon

The four presenters who host the Kellogg’s-sponsored TV programme Ilsien in-Nisa were among hundreds of runners who participated in this year’s marathon of the Land Rover Malta Marathon held yesterday.

For the past two months, Clare Agius, Moira Delia, Pauline Agius, and Claire Agius Ordway have been undergoing training to improve their stamina and running performance. No doubt that nutrition and eating the right food was also one of their main priorities in the pre-training for the marathon.

The Ilsien in-Nisa team spread over the three marathons, all of which started off from Mdina and finished at The Strand in Sliema. Claire Agius Ordway braved her way in the run for the full marathon, while Clare Aguis succeeded in covering the half marathon run. Joining Moira Delia and Pauline Agius in the walkathon were a number of their fans.

“As Ilsien in-Nisa we collectively decided to participate in this national marathon on behalf of The Ostomy Club after having met and interviewed Charmaine Taylor who is the founder of the club. It wasn’t easy for us to prepare for this challenge, but overall we had fun and the atmosphere today has carried us along to the finishing line without difficulty. We thank our fans and sponsors, in particular Kellogg’s Special K and Nike for their support and encouragement,” said Clare Agius on behalf of her team.

Kellogg’s representative presented Ilsien in-Nisa team and their fans with a hamper as a gift from Kellogg’s Special K.














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