Tuesday 23 April 2019

Carles Teixido to represent Malta in Taiwan

Carles Teixido has won the first Maltese qualifier of the Red Bull King of the Rock, after an exciting final with David Bugeja at Valletta’s Great Siege Square. The square was transformed into a basketball court and hosted the finals with the last remaining eight players battling it out for a place at the World Finals in Taiwan.

Played as a knock out format, the one-on-one basketball tournament from the world of Red Bull was a great showcase for the game and gave the opportunity to the local basketball community to play in such a prestigious event. In the first round we saw Carles Teixido, Peter Shoults, David Bugeja and 16 year old Miguel Falzon, cruising through Anton Axiaq, Nikola Vasovic, Alberto Lorenzo and Denislav Vladimorov respectively. In the semifinals, Peter Shoults gave a worthy challenge to Teixido, but ultimelty the Spaniard went through to the final. In the other semifinal David Bugeja was too strong for the young Falzon, who still went out proudly after gaining a spot in the top four.

Carles Teixido will now fly to Taiwan in September to represent Malta at the World Finals of the Red Bull King of the Rock.


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