Wednesday 19 September 2018

Vodafone ‘tops-up’ its environmental credentials

It is no accident that Vodafone is the internationally recognized leader in its industry in the area of environmental preservation.  Over the years and across the board, the company has sought to Green its working practices.  Each year brings new innovation and investment with an environmental conscience.  Each measure gives ‘power to you’ to make a difference.

From a shift to a paperless office, to services offered on line coupled with a strict recycling policy, Vodafone today has taken its green credentials to a higher level with the introduction of its new range of Vodafone pre-paid cards.

Encouraging its customers to do their bit for the environment, Vodafone’s new range of top-up cards is fresh sporting a range of three different colours – Grey, White and Red.  All three are considerably smaller in size with a 23% reduction in paper and 82% reduction in plastic every year.

With the same distribution networks of re-sellers nation-wide, the bi-lingual cards are easier and instructions clearer.  By dialing 16203 Vodafone customers will be guided through the steps, topping up their phones and whilst doing so saving a few trees.

The value of the cards has not changed with the roll out being phased in with old cards still remaining valid until stocks last.

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