Sunday 17 February 2019

Vodafone marks Safe Internet Day

 Vodafone Malta is marking Safe Internet Day today, Tuesday 5th February, reminding the public of its commitment to create a safer online experience for everyone in Malta, particularly youth and children. When PCs were the only main portal to the internet at home, it was easier for parents to monitor their children’s time spent online, as well as monitor what children were searching for and looking at.

Whilst mobile internet is empowering for children, satisfying their innate sense of curiosity and instinct to communicate and giving them more digital independence, parents are always looking for new ways to ensure their kids do not look at unsuitable material or share innapropriate information. As the digital world becomes even more portable, it will become harder for parents to protect children against the unsafe aspects of the web. Vodafone has long been at the forefront of international initiatives to shield children from the dangers of the online world, trying to help parents navigate through the new world of mobile internet and providing them with as much information as possible on how children can navigate the internet safely through information distributed in magazines and newspapers.

“Rather than assuming that our systems are secure until they are breached, Vodafone actively works to improve them everyday,” said Miriam Dalli, Corporate Affairs Senior Executive at Vodafone Malta. “We work very hard to protect our customers, and we are constantly developing new products and services to help keep our customers safe online.”

Mobile internet presents a host of data security challenges. While it is important to protect ourselves and our children from harm, Vodafone is also working hard to ensure that we don’t miss out on the extraordinary benefits of this revolutionary era in human communications. Vodafone is a founding member of a new commission led task force to enhance child safety online across Europe. The company also works closely with the Internet Watch Foundation supporting its hotline for reports on child pornogrophy on the web and it is also part of the GSMA Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Content to tackle issues globally.



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