Tuesday 21 May 2019

Vodafone Malta offers a full day of free mobile internet 

On 9th November Vodafone Malta will be saying a big thank you to all its customers by giving them a full day of free mobile internet. For twenty-four hours on that date, between 00:00hrs and 23:59hrs, each and every Vodafone customer will automatically be able to use mobile internet anytime and anywhere absolutely free of charge. This applies to all prepaid and pay-monthly Vodafone customers, regardless of whether they are on a business or customer tariff. Throughout this week, Vodafone employees will be saying an even more direct and personal thank you to their customers and are taking to the streets in town centres across Malta and Gozo to meet individual customers and thank them for their loyalty.

Vodafone came up with the 9th November event to celebrate its mobile network. This has seen heavy investment in recent years, resulting in a fast, strong and secure network that remains the only 4G network on the island. Vodafone in fact announced last week that only two years after 4G was first launched this has now reached 99% population coverage. Superfast 4G connectivity typically offers speeds up to ten times faster than standard 3G or public Wi Fi on customers’ mobile devices.
“Here at Vodafone we have really focused on producing the fastest and most reliable network for our customers. We want our customers to experience the best possible speed and quality at every step of the way, whether for voice calls, which is why we are the only operator to offer HD Voice, or mobile internet, which is why we did not rest until we could offer 4G to all the Maltese population,” explained Amanda Nelson, Vodafone Malta’s CEO. “However we believe that a network only comes to life when it is used and enjoyed and this is why we want to celebrate this important milestone with the people who really matter to us, our customers. Offering this full free day of mobile internet will ensure that each of our customers has the opportunity to experience the very best of what our network has to offer. It is our way of saying a big and special thank you.”
For more information on 9th November log onto www.vodafone.com.mt/thankyou.

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