Monday 15 October 2018

Vodafone Malta launches 4 applications

Vodafone Malta has just launched 4 new mobile applications; the Contacts app, the Guardian app, the Cloud app and the Protect app. All apps are designed to help our customers keep their smartphone safe and secure, whilst adding more value to customers who are on the Vodafone RED plans. These apps are also available on other pay monthly plans as well as to prepaid customers.

“Our primary aim with the introduction of these 4 apps is to continue giving customers  peace of mind when using their smartphones,” said Georgiana Agius, Marketing Sales Executive at Vodafone Malta. “We have listened to our customers who have gone through the painful experience of losing their phone or having their phone stolen.  Not only did they lose their phone, but also the data content (photo/videos/music) and contacts of a lifetime! Each of these apps is designed to offer our customers a simple solution to avoid such situations, and ultimately extend the worry-free concept within our portfolio”

Here’s a brief description highlighting the main advantage each app provides to our customers.

The Contacts App is supported by all mobile platforms and can be downloaded from the respective mobile app store free of charge. It provides a simple backup and synchronisation service solution to keep your address book secure. Vodafone customers can now easily backup and synchronise their mobile phone contacts; Import and Export their mobile phone contacts to and from an electronic format; and remotely manage their contacts via a designated web portal.

The Vodafone Guardian app is also free and mainly designed to help customers block any unwanted communications to their mobile phone and/or to the phone of minor children and restrict access to the internet and other features on the device including:  the camera, Wi-Fi, apps, games and also allows parents to decide who can call and text their child. Though the Vodafone Guardian is not proposed as a solution to anti-social activities such as harassment or bullying, it is definitely a step forward in ensuring that children are using their smartphone in a safer and more responsible manner. The Vodafone Guardian app is available on Android.

The free version of the Vodafone Protect app allows customers to remotely locate, lock and wipe their smartphone. Customers have the option to upgrade and get alternative features including McAfee antivirus protection, call and SMS filtering and app and web protection. The Vodafone Protect app is available on BlackBerry and Android.

The Vodafone Cloud app allows customers to upload, download and access their photos, videos, music and other files from their Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone and PC. On signing up to the Vodafone Cloud, customers automatically get 5GB free storage!  Customers can also choose to upgrade their backup storage space and purchase an additional 15GB storage space.

The great value in being a Vodafone RED customer is right here. Vodafone RED premium customers will immediately benefit from 20GB storage for FREE whilst Vodafone RED Basic and Vodafone RED customers will be able to benefit from additional storage space for a monthly discounted charge of €2.50/month.  Non-RED customers including prepaid can purchase more backup storage for €3/month.

Vodafone Cloud app is available on iOS and Android.

Further information on the applications can be obtained by visiting

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