Thursday 17 January 2019

Vodafone Malta Foundation and FITA collaboration

 The Vodafone Malta Foundation and the Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) launched a collaboration between the two aimed at providing access to the latest mobile and Smartphone technology for disabled persons.  This collaboration resulted in a scheme which will be funding 50% of mobile devices and other assisted software that visually impaired and deaf users will buy from Vodafone. This scheme spans over two years.

As part of this collaboration 3 educational TV spots were also produced. These TV spots funded by Vodafone, show how the company’s products and technology are making life easier to all, including persons with disability. Four Vodafone employees embarked on this project to show how Vodafone can enrich the lives of people with disability through its technology by empowering them to live an independent life which emphasizes their abilities. The actors portrayed in these clips are actual FITA clients who chose to share their newly acquired ICT skills and contribute something back to FITA and society. Particular attention was given to make these videos accessible to the widest audience possible.

Dr Godwin Grima, Chairman of FITA said that, “FITA congratulates the Vodafone Malta Foundation on the active action it is taking in bringing about a level playing field for disabled persons who wish to make the very best use of the latest mobile and Smartphone technology.” Referring to the 3 educational TV Spots, Dr Grima said that the video clips portraying the daily use of ICT by persons with disability will continue to raise awareness by providing a brief but effective snapshot, of the benefits that ICT solutions can deliver to end users.

Gemma Mifsud Bonnici, chairperson of the Vodafone Malta Foundation said that the Foundation believes in equality for all and the company is making sure that through its actions it provides disabled persons access to the latest mobile and Smartphone technology. “This is a clear example of Mobiles for Good which Vodafone Foundations around the world are embarking on. The idea behind Mobiles for Good is to provide privileged access to Vodafone networks and technology to empower people with the necessary tools and this is precisely what we’re doing thanks to our collaboration with FITA,” she emphasised.

Interested applicants can apply with FITA in order to avail themselves of the free assessment services which will direct them towards their ideal mobile telephony solution. More information can be obtained directly from FITA by calling on telephone number 25992343 or the FITA website





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