Friday 23 August 2019

Vodafone lets customers feel at home when abroad

Gone are the days when the first thing you would do when going on holiday is to switch off your roaming and data in fear of the prohibitive bill you would receive on your return. Gone are the days when you can’t stream that One Direction concert to your friends and family at home, or the view from the top of the EiffelTower. What’s the fun of sending out your favourite holiday moments after you get back? Vodafone Traveller plan has changed the way we travel. It keeps us connected anywhere and everywhere. A shopping trip to the UK with friends,  a holiday in New York or a friend’s wedding in India; whatever the reason, wherever in the world you can rely on Vodafone to feel at home when abroad.

Starting from as little as €1.50 per day when travelling to the UK or Italy, all Vodafone customers who subscribe to Vodafone Traveller get a bundle of minutes in calls to Malta, SMS and internet on their mobile as well as unlimited incoming calls. The daily bundle allowance varies according to the local plan they are subscribed to.  The new Vodafone Traveller is also available in many more countries including the USA, South Africa, Thailand and Libya.

Applying is easy by calling 247 for free if you are on a Vodafone RED plan or any other Pay Monthly plan or by sending a free SMS to 16200 with the word TRAVEL if you are on a Prepaid plan. If you are on the RED Lite plan you can send a free SMS to 16200 with the word TRAVELLER.

More information is available by calling 247 for free from a Vodafone line or 9999 9247 from any other line. Alternatively you can visit for all details on Vodafone Traveller.

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