Sunday 17 February 2019

Vodafone comes up with best New Year’s resolution ever

 Vodafone Malta has saluted City Gate Valletta that used to host its promoters daily in style. On four different mornings, Vodafone was roaming the streets of Valletta to give away free merchandise to passers by. Dedicated animators entertained all those present who responded positively to these activities. This was Vodafone’s way to celebrate the work of its promoters and thank all its customers for their support.

Vodafone constantly listens to what its customers have to say and 2013 promises to be the year which kicks off with a bang. On New Year, Vodafone announced that it will remove its promoters from Valletta’s entrance. An announcement which was placed on the company’s Facebook page and which attracted more than 1,600 likes. This statement was flooded with comments and suggestions.

“This is our New Year’s resolution,” said Sandro Pisani, Head of Marketing from Vodafone Malta. “We listened to what people had to say and we decided that we should remove our promoters from Valletta. We encourage people who would like to benefit from our latest offers to visit our shop in Republic Street instead.”

2012 has been a very big year for Vodafone with numerous offers and involvement in major events taking place in Malta, offering customers exclusive access to the latest technology and top events. 2013 promises to be yet another exciting year kicking off with what Vodafone thought would be a great start to the New Year and promising to bring more value to its customers.


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