Saturday 16 February 2019

The Harlem Shake hits Vodafone Malta

 Search Youtube for the Harlem Shake and more than 200,000 results pop up – a group of sky divers do the wild dance while falling through the clouds, Norwegian Army officers stand in comouflage and dance to the electronic groove and the the team members at Vodafone Malta including their top Management Team can be seen, hitting it off to the music at their new Head Office in SkyParks Business Centre.

After a request on Vodafone’s Facebook Page, the top management at Vodafone Malta had to do the iconic Harlem Shake when the 2,000 likes benchmark set by the team was reached.

Vodafone’s Harlem Shake started with Vodafone Malta’s CEO, Balesh Sharma who was a complete sport and started dancing to the song surrounded by his Malta team members unaware of him dancing and moving to the music. After just 15 seconds the employees joined in and danced to the crazy music, wearing crazy outfits and costumes and shielding strange props.

In less than an hour the video had 300 hits, 80 shares on facebook and 260 likes.

The Harlem Shake, an internet concept in the form of a video of various groups of people performing a comedy sketch accompanied by a short part of the song Harlem Shake, has been replicated by thousands of people and companies becoming a viral phenomenon across Youtube worldwide.

Vodafone Malta thanked their audience for helping them reach their target on their Facebook Page. The public is being encouraged to keep watching their facebook page on for more fun.


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