Friday 23 August 2019

RE/MAX to offer full service estate agency at Bay Street

The renowned American real estate franchise RE/MAX, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary operating in the MalteseIslands this year, has opened a prestigious new office right in the heart of the Bay Street Complex in St George’sBay.

It is a first for Bay Street to introduce a real estate agency within its wide offering of retail, leisure, dining and entertainment, and the RE/MAX Bay Street offices are the brainchild of David Mifsud and Miriam Vella, the co-franchise owners. Both come from construction-related family businesses, with David having 10 years’ experience as a property consultant and Miriam’s son Alex, having worked in property for about a year, also joining the RE/MAX Bay Street team.

The striking RE/MAX Bay Street front office, spread over 45 m² on Level 1, will serve as a reception to meet and inform passers-by of the full range of real estate services on offer, apart from accommodating three sales consultants. A back office spread over 80 m² is located on Level 6, including a conference room and a general work area.

It is expected that some 20 sales consultants and associates will be working on a shift basis offering a high level of service during the Bay Street Complex’s opening times seven days a week (Monday to Sunday) from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

According to Mr Mifsud, who will also be managing the RE/MAX Bay Street office, the reasons the co-franchise owners selected Bay Street included the impressive footfall of 2.4 million local and foreign visitors that the complex attracted last year, and its excellent location in St Julian’s.

“There are seven five-star hotels in close proximity to Bay Street with no fewer than 10,000 beds,” Mr Mifsud said. “Apart from promoting our services – sales and letting of both residential and commercial property – to the locals, we are convinced that Bay Street’s steady flow of walk-in business throughout the year will justify our significant investment to set up the operation and make an immediate impact thanks to the back-up of RE/MAX.”

Tourists and other foreigners in Malta, who may require property services, including those attracted by the Individual Investor Programme, will certainly be requiring the services of real estate professionals in their search for property investments.

A spokesman for Bay Street commented: “We are extremely happy to be welcoming  RE/MAX to Bay Street. We are confident this is a perfect match with the compelling mix of top brands and wide service offering available here.”

For more information telephone 2138 0600 or go to the Bay Street Facebook page

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