Sunday 17 February 2019

President inaugurates Vodafone’s Head Office

 Vodafone has officially inaugurated its new head office at SkyParks Business Centre. The office was officially opened by His Excellency Dr George Abela, President of Malta and Mr Balesh Sharma, CEO of Vodafone Malta.

Vodafone’s new Head Office offers all of its employees an open plan environment where team members from different departments are working together in a brand new corporate setting that enhances productivity, teamwork and improves organisational communication. Customers were also kept in mind with different meeting room designs including areas for lounge and business meetings and for casual meetings, state of the art multimedia facilities and handset displays.

“Vodafone is forward-looking and innovative not only in technology but also in designing a new form of office organisation and employee accomodation. This is what seems to lie behind Vodafone’s move to SkyParks Business Centre.” said His Excellency Dr George Abela during his speech to all those who attended the launch. “This modern centre provides a friendly environment that is comfortable to employees and hence conducive to  better corporate communication and higher productivity.  It is an indicator of offices of the future that already operate today.  I think the smooth way in which Vodafone’s move to SkyParks was made deserves commendation. I believe one can look forward to further innovations by Vodafone that will keep the Maltese market up-to-date with the newest technology in the sector.”

Technology was given paramount importance in the design of the new office. Vodafone made sure that it provides a wireless environment with no desk phones and wi-fi services available throughout including the terrace area. Sustainability was also on top of the agenda in designing Vodafone’s new Head Office. The A+ equipment, with the choice of lighting and light sensors incorporated to reduce utilities usage also played an important role in ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

In his speech at the official launch, Vodafone’s CEO Balesh Sharma said that Vodafone made this move to the new Head Office to be more efficient and to introduce new and innovative concepts. “This move helped us introduce sustainability measures which we have always been aiming for. Today we have a paperless office, open plans and hot-desking,” he said. “Our idea to have a fluid concept, an open plan office with no boundaries between different teams now  became a reality. Ultimately we are one team working to address our customers’ needs and requirements and this is what we want to achieve.”

Through its new Head Office Vodafone managed to create a positive working environment that brings people closer together and instil trust and the right atmosphere that promotes collaboration under one common brand.

Vodafone’s CEO, Balesh Sharma showed his satisfaction in seeing the employees embracing change and feeling energised working in this new environment. His Excellency Dr George Abela congratulated the management and employees of Vodafone on their success and wished them an even more fruitful outcome for their endeavours in this attractive new environment at SkyParks Business Centre.

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