Saturday 16 February 2019

Police Dogs Section recruits more police dogs

Pictured above: HSBC Malta’s COO and Director Ranjit Gokarn (far right) presenting the bank’s sponsorship to Police Commissioner Peter Paul Zammit, together with Police Sergeant Matthew Attard and a canine colleague named Axe    

The Malta Police Dogs Section will be taking on additional canine recruits in connection with a three year sponsorship from HSBC Malta Foundation.

“With HSBC Malta’s support, we are enlarging the force with additional Belgian Shepherd Malinois, a breed renowned for being particularly easy to train and being highly versatile workers,” explained Police Sergeant Matthew Attard. “We have a one-dog-per-officer policy, to ensure that highly trained animals receive all the exercise and care they require to be healthy, happy, and at top performance on the job,” added PS Attard.

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HSBC Malta’s Chief Operating Officer and Director Ranjit Gokarn presented the bank’s sponsorship to Police Commissioner Peter Paul Zammit during a Police Dog demonstration at St George’s Square, Valletta, also marking the 199th anniversary of the corps. “Police dogs continue to provide an indispensable service to society by helping to fight drug trafficking and criminal elements in society. HSBC Bank Malta is delighted to support this worthy cause by providing sponsorship in a very tangible manner,” said Mr Gokarn. “These highly trained dogs, like their police officer handlers, often face very risky situations and injury as a normal part of their careers. We salute their efforts for making our nation safer.”

The Malta Police Dog Section includes two divisions: protection and assault dogs that assist in various police duties, and search dogs trained to sniff out explosives and narcotics. Belgian Shepherd Malinois can be trained to work within either division.








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