Friday 22 March 2019

One Team…Multiple Awards…One Standard of Excellence

The Infinitely Xara Kitchen Brigade and Service Team are the backbone of our business and responsible for the excellence we represent today. The Kitchen Brigade and Service Team’s work is based on Infinitely Xara’s values of creating experiences on a daily basis to meet the needs of our guests, make a particular impression on them and win their loyalty.  Collectively, our Chefs preserve the very delicate gastronomic art, help develop it and then pass it on to others.

Infinitely Xara Kitchen Brigade and Service Team have once again had a very successful year, bringing home very prestigious national and international culinary awards. The fine dining de Mondion Restaurant has also been presented with two prestigious awards during the Definitive(ly) Good Guide Awards held last December at The Xara Lodge including ‘The Colin Best Award for the Most Consistently Outstanding Restaurant’ and ‘Best Hotel Wine List’.  David Spiteri, General Manager at Infinitely Xara commented, “Infinitely Xara is delighted at the Team’s achievement. They are extremely dedicated and talented and for them to have their hard work recognised by some of our industry’s most inspirational awards, will, I am sure, inspire them to further successes in their career.”

Karl Brincau, Infinitely Xara’s Food and Beverage Manager stated “At Infinitely Xara we seek to create the combination of a unique moment, a magical place, attentive and effective service and outstanding food for our ambassadors…our guests. We are now ready and looking forward to a very busy year ahead”



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