Tuesday 19 March 2019

Nine successful years for GreenPak

After another successful year of operation, GreenPak Cooperative Society has for the 9th successive year running made a net surplus on its recycling operations.  GreenPak’s scheme has also registered its highest recycling performance since its set up in 2005. This has only been possible through a continuous commitment towards good governance and a pledge, originally made in 2005, that GreenPak will operate at the least possible cost in the interest of the environment.

Today, GreenPak operates across Malta and Gozo providing recycling services to over 65% of the population. Over 1,300 companies form part of this packaging waste recycling cooperative and its services, while in the last 12 months eight more Local Councils have joined the GreenPak Scheme due to the superior service it provides. Figures show that during the last year, companies registered a 4.5% increase in waste recovery while Local Councils recorded a similar addition from last year.

GreenPak is run as a cooperative society and its scheme is managed on a not-for-profit basis providing total transparency in the way it goes about its business. As with any other cooperative, the surplus funds are given back to the society members. In fact, up to a quarter of the fees they paid in 2013 will be handed back to these member companies.

At present, the 2013 accounts are being audited by PwC and will be presented in the forthcoming AGM planned for 15th May 2014.

GreenPak CEO Ing Mario Schembri explained: “For the last nine years, we have worked incessantly to change perceptions as regards to waste recycling. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, GreenPak adopted the internationally renowned Green Dot scheme which incentivises companies and Local Councils to start thinking in a way that aligns environmental friendliness with the practicalities of business acumen.

“Today, we have shown that being part of GreenPak is about making the right choices. It is about innovative, green business. It is about industry supporting the community to recycle more. It is about being both environmentally sustainable and economically viable. What before was considered to be a problem, today we have shown and proven that the recycling of waste packaging is an opportunity to create business opportunities and stimulate public participation,” said Ing Schembri.

For further enquiries regarding GreenPak waste collection scheme, bring-in-sites and other information one can visit the Greenpak website www.greenpak.com.mt or contact them  on tel: 2166 1081 or email [email protected]

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