Friday 22 June 2018

Neapolitan pizzeria Fratelli La Bufala at Tigné Point

The internationally-known Neapolitan eatery Fratelli La Bufala will soon open at Pjazza Tigné. Planned to open by the end of September, it will be the only restaurant in Malta which provides authentic pizzas cooked in the traditional Neapolitan way.

All the major ingredients used are being imported from the best suppliers in Naples, ensuring the finest quality. The pizzas will be prepared and cooked in a hand-built pizza oven replicating the ones that have been used for the past 130 years in Naples. Specially trained, seasoned chefs will be flown in from Naples to cook for this new restaurant, ensuring a genuine dining experience for patrons.

The look-and-feel of this restaurant design is that of a buffalo barn. The water buffalo is a prominent feature in the Fratelli La Bufala concept. This creature is found in the Campania region of Italy, and is an excellent source of milk and meat products. Buffalo milk is low in cholesterol, high in butterfat and has more protein when compared to normal cow’s milk. The meat has less cholesterol, fat and calories and more minerals and protein than beef, making it a healthy option to red and white meat. Whilst the local menu will retain all the original recipes of the Italian version it will also pay homage to Maltese cuisine and include a selection of  typical local dishes.

Fratelli La Bufala is a chain restaurant with over a hundred outlets spread around Italy and major cities round the world, including New York, London, Barcelona and Berlin.

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