Tuesday 16 July 2019

MSV Life paves way at Teatru Manoel

Anyone visiting Teatru Manoel in the last few months would have noticed a significant embellishment to the ongoing refurbishment of the Theatre; a brand new carpet covering the stairs, landings and all the boxes.

Generously sponsored by MSV Life, the project covers 600sq.m. and is a new gold and green patterned carpet. “The design was created in-house and we chose a style that would be in harmony with the Baroque fabric of the theatre, elegant but discreet at the same time and, moreover, in a colour that is in synch with the rest of the theatre’s décor,” said Michael Grech, Chairman of Teatru Manoel.

Recently classified by CNN as one of the 15 most spectacular theatres in the world, the Manoel sees literally thousands of patrons coming through its doors during the nine-month performance season as well as yet more thousands of tourists who visit this historic building all year round. To accommodate this heavy traffic the new carpet is a woven, high quality, heavy-duty carpet made of 80% wool and 20% from Axminister’s collection Walk of Fame and was produced and manufactured in Belgium. It conforms to EU standards and is certified with a fire retarded classification with a specific underlay that reduces the impact of sound.

Ray Attard, Teatru Manoel’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “The project took three months to complete and, in order to limit disruption was undertaken during the Baroque Festival when most of the events were held outside the theatre. We are working hard to restore the elegance and grandeur which so befits this great national gem, which is as much Maltese as it is part of our international heritage”.

David G. Curmi, CEO of MSV Life, said: “As a socially and culturally responsible company we are extremely pleased to be able to support the local cultural and arts scene by contributing towards the ongoing restoration of this major cultural hub that is Teatru Manoel”.

Teatru Manoel’s current performance season has now come to an end, however, it remains open over the summer months for daily tours. The 2014-2015 performance season starts again in October with an eclectic and exciting programme of music, dance and drama.  More information at: www.teatrumanoel.com.mt.





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