Wednesday 20 March 2019

Move from St Thomas Bay to Blue Lagoon in less than 2 minutes …

 It’s All happening at Vodafone’s new Head Office in SkyParks

Vodafone recently organised an innovative competition among its employees to come up with names for the different meeting rooms situated in the company’s new head office at SkyParks Business Centre. As from today, Vodafone’s new head office will therefore take you from the Grand Harbour to San Blas Bay or from it-Torri ta’ San Lucjan to it-Torri ta’ San Pawl in less than 2 minutes.

“We wanted our employees to feel involved in every step of the way,” said Antoinette Camilleri, Property Manager at VodafoneMalta. “Telling our team members to come up with names for our meeting rooms was just one way of involving them even more. This was not the only competition we held. Earlier we organized a competition among our employees so that they will come up with different concepts for the Soft Break-Out Areas we are going to have in our new Head office. A team from the Finance Department came up with the most cool and innovative ideas which we took on board.”

Vodafone’s new head office will have a total of 15 closed meeting rooms, including a silent room and a boardroom. Robert Cassar and Denise Formosa Gruppetta, both Vodafone employees, came up with the winning names of the meeting rooms. Robert Cassar named all the internal meeting rooms after the most beautiful sandy and rocky beaches that the Maltese Islands have to offer including the amazing San Blas Bay and Xwejni Bay in Gozo and St Peter’s Pool and Riviera Bay in Malta. Denise Formosa Gruppetta, on the other hand came up with original names for the guest meeting rooms at the new Head Office, deciding to give due credit to the Maltese heritage and naming them after the small fortified watchtowers that were built by the Grand Masters – Torri ta’ San Tumas, Torri ta’ Santa Marija, Torri ta’ San Lucjan and Torri ta’ San Pawl.

“We are really glad that the names we gave the different meeting rooms were the ones chosen,” said both Robert Cassar and Denise Formosa Gruppetta. “Knowing that the names we chose will be part and parcel of the new Vodafone head office is something we are really proud of. We chose these particular names because we think that they would create a conversation ice breaker when we have visitors or external partners over for meetings. Moreover, it will be fun for our employees to say that they’ll be holding their meetings at Gnejna orGoldenBay.”

Vodafone’s move to its new Head Office in SkyParks will introduce a number of innovative concepts and ideas including, hot-desking, flexible working methods and open plan bringing together team members from different departments.





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