Sunday 17 February 2019

Misto expansion at Bay Street

Misto, located within The Artisan Market on Level 0 of Bay Street, has expanded its retail outlet, creating a more extensive shop floor, with a more focused range of products for women aged from their mid-20s upwards.

Owners Angela and David Delicata, who has being operating shops at Bay Street for the past 10 years, now has no fewer than four outlets on Level 0 at Bay Street, the others being ZeroTwo, Dolce and the Misto Outlet.

Misto now occupies 70 m2 and the light, airy shop with a large frontage boasts a range of handbags by two well known Italian brands, Mario Valentino and Rocco Barocco, along with hats, sunglasses, pareos and kaftans with brands like Gianmarco Venturi, Aqua di Mare and Occhi Blu.

“These are a range of products for women who want to make an instant impact, with eye-catching products, the latest vibrant colours and a highly wearable selection of items,” Mr Delicata said. “We have near exclusivity on the Mario Valentino and Rocco Barocco bags locally, which have been very well received in the market. People who buy them keep coming back.”

Dolce, which has been open since March, 2012, is a concept shoe shop with both men’s and ladies’ shoes for all occasions, be they casual through dressy.

The range of products at ZeroTwo is for young women aged 18-45. These are highly affordable and include handbags, belts, costume jewellery (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, piercings, brooches and sunglasses), watches, hair accessories and all types of other accessories, including casual footwear.

The Misto Outlet has branded goods at reduced prices.

“Thanks to our experience here at Bay Street, I am confident that the product mix available at our outlets will continue to attract the desired audience and, with our attention to detail and our customer orientation, I look forward to further consolidating the market share of these highly popular items,” Mr Delicata said.

Bay Street’s representative said: “We are delighted to see continued investment from our retail partners and wish Mr Delicata continued success with his retail stores.”

For more information telephone 2138 4421 or go to the Bay Street Facebook page

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