Wednesday 20 March 2019

Kellogg’s Special K introduces a new three grain cereal

Kellogg’s ever-popular Special K cereal is now packed with more nutrition and taste than ever before, with a delicious new three grain recipe that makes it a great breakfast option for anyone who is weight-conscious and actively managing their shape.

With the included benefits of rice, wheat, barley, essential vitamins and iron, Kellogg’s Special K now has more fibre, wholegrain, less saturated fat and less sodium for a healthier start of the day.  It is even crunchier and wholesome, making it a tasty, nutritionally-balanced cereal ideal for long-term weight and shape management.

“With great ingredients and with less than 113 calories per serving, the new Kellogg’s Special K cereal can help consumers get important nutrients easily and deliciously,” said a Kellogg’s spokesperson. “The new recipe, which provides a rich source of fibre and is low in saturated fat, was designed by Kellogg’s nutritionists to help health-conscious individuals to maintain their weight and shape. One bowl provides 25% of the daily requirements for iron and up to 50% of the daily needs, including a number of essential vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin C and folic acid.”

The new Kellogg’s Special K cereal packs are available in retail stores and supermarkets

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