Friday 22 February 2019

HSBC Malta rings in Christmas with free shopping for customers

The echoes of Burl Ives “Holly, Jolly Christmas” at The Point shopping mall were interspersed by the unmistakable bell of Santa Claus who surprised HSBC customers by offering to pay for their purchases.
Customers had a lovely surprise when instead of authorising payment through their own HSBC cards, cashiers called on none other than Father Christmas himself, who – after lots of hugs and kisses – proceeded to pay for HSBC’s customers.
The fun and excitement were captured on a video now posted on HSBC Malta’s website as well as its popular community page and HSBC Malta YouTube channel:″ 

The video opens with an actor dressing up as Santa Claus and a variety of hidden and visible cameras being installed in various retail outlets in the mall. The featured customers can be seen pulling their cards from their wallets and purses whilst cashiers refuse to accept the payment and instead call in Santa Claus. Customers can be seen saying “oh, it’s fantastic” and saying “surprised and happy, thank you very much HSBC”.

82 - HSBC Christmas cheer 1

The Christmas video is fast becoming an annual HSBC tradition, bringing together elements of traditional banking, community involvement, and new media. Last year, a video of three first-time HSBC home buyers receiving a waiver on their December repayment during a home visit by bank officials was viewed thousands of times. HSBC Malta uses the initiative to wish all its customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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