Sunday 17 February 2019

GreenPak distributes over 4 million green recycling bags

The four millionth green recycling bag was given away this week by GreenPak. Since its inception in 2006, GreenPak has striven to encourage and facilitate the public’s participation in recycling practices, distributing free green recycling bags to households whose Local Council forms part of the GreenPak recycling scheme. GreenPak’s aim is to further promote “Recycling on Tuesdays”.

In addition to distributing door-to-door recycling bags, GreenPak disseminated educational guidance and leaflets to residents by its appointed recycling advisers. Residents learnt about the direct environmental and economical benefits derived from recycling, as well as what can be recycled in respect to door-to-door collections, and bring-in sites. Furthermore, residents were advised about the civic amenity site options, such as the used battery drop points and the bulky collection services organised by the local councils.

Ing. Mario Schembri, CEO of GreenPak Coop said, “Separating waste and recycling at home on a daily basis requires a commitment. To date we have distributed to households more than 4 million green recycling bags. Our initiative aims to help and encourage more households to start separating their waste from now. We are confident that many Maltese households are more actively engaging in waste separation and recycling practices than before.”

Recycling is a key factor in the modern approach to waste reduction, although this should be deemed as the final component of the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” waste hierarchy. One should consider reducing unnecessary consumption, reuse materials, and only when the said material cannot be further utilized, should be disposed.

“The GreenPak free recycling bag is meant to be sufficient for the waste packaging generated by a typical household. One is advised to flatten empty packs and plastic bottles that would otherwise take up double space. Doubling the bag distributions would only serve to encourage more waste,” added Ing. Schembri.

Localities that form part of GreenPak’s waste recycling scheme are serviced by a weekly door-to-door collection every Tuesday, while the following localities have their collection on other days, such as Luqa on Thursdays, Rabat (Gozo) on Mondays, and in San Ġwann collection is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For further inquires regarding waste collection schemes, bring-in-sites and other information one can contact GreenPak Coop Society on tel: 2166 1081, email [email protected] or visit

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