Tuesday 16 July 2019


Pictured above: Dr Refalo is seen unveiling a commemorative plaque in the entrance of the Lord Chambray brewery with Samuele D’Imperio, Managing Director of Lord Chambray Limited, and Gozo Bishop Mario GrechPhoto credit: Focus Fotos

Lord Chambray, an artisanal brewery with state-of-the-art equipment involving a €1 million investment, was inaugurated this evening by Dr Anton Refalo, Minister for Gozo.

In thanking the D’Imperio family for their effort, dedication and investment in Gozo, Dr Refalo affirmed that this was an investment that fitted perfectly within government’s policy to promote investment in Gozo, that will result in more jobs for Gozitans in Gozo.

“This investment is an added value to the quality of life here in Gozo,” he said.

Samuele D’Imperio, Managing Director of Lord Chambray Ltd, based in the Gozitano Agricultural Village, Xewkija, thanked all those who contributed to make his family’s dream to offer a quality product to the people of Malta and Gozo a reality.

“My family first visited Gozo over 25 years ago and we immediately fell in love with it,” Mr D’Imperio said. “Since then we have been visiting regularly until, about five years ago, we bought a residence here at Fort Chambray.

“We feel we would now like to give something back that is of exceptional quality. We want to share our pride and passion for brewing artisanal beers with our clients and we are convinced that the three local brews, Blue Lagoon, Golden Bay and San Blas, will soon become established on the market as premium ales.”

Fort Chambray beers are made from top class ingredients, including barley, hops, herbs, spices and yeast, sourced from Belgium and the United States. Italy’s leading Master Brewer Andrea Bertola has been engaged to oversee the brewing process and he is visiting the brewery, which is spread over 300 m2, twice a month.

The brewing process takes place in state-of-the-art brewing kettles and vats from Spadoni, one of the leading companies in Italy that supply filtering systems and complete services to a number of industries, including the wine-making, beer, edible oil, fruit juices and syrups, spirits and dairy industries.

The high level of technology deployed at the brewery is evident both in the specialised equipment to revitalise water, which then goes through a sophisticated reverse osmosis plant, and in the beer bottling equipment to produce the finished product.

The beer is fermented for eight to 12 days, followed by a further 18-20 days for maturation or lagering (at least). Once the beer is bottled through the ultramodern GAI bottling plant, the ‘Ferrari’ of bottling machines, it is allowed to rest for a further seven days during which a second fermentation in the bottle takes place.

Environmental and ecological

The Lord Chambray brewery operates on a highly environmental and ecological basis. The brewery interior is heated by steam and, when the beer is cooled as part of the brewing process, the water is re-utilised and hot water used for the next cycles. The must that remains after the cooking and fermentation process is also sent to local farms for use as a fertiliser.

Three new beers

All three Lord Chambray beers are non-pasteurised and undergo a second fermentation in the bottle. Blue Lagoon is a Blanche beer whose recipe dates back 400 years. Blanche beers use a far broader palette of fruity or spicy ingredients than German or English brews. For this special high fermentation brew, with a moderate alcohol content of 4.6%, beer lovers will enjoy hints of coriander and notes of orange peel for a refreshing, thirst-quenching seasonal beverage.

Golden Bay is an American craft-style beer. This intensely golden ale, with an alcohol content of 5%, is designed to be the easiest drinking in the Lord Chambray range. It is simply structured with a sweet, malty and wonderful taste. Brewed with hops imported from the United States, which confer citrus and floral tastes pairing with hints of caramel on the nose, Golden Bay has a fine, persistent foam and a rounded, herbaceous taste.

San Blas is a deep amber American pale ale with an alcohol content of 5.5%. It is brewed with a blend of hops, especially Cascade and Amarillo, to obtain a more aromatic and highly appealing taste of grapefruit and orange flowers.

Lord Chambray beers are being sold in 33 cl bottles or in 20-litre polykegs, ideal for hosting parties and for those renting farmhouses and self-catering holidays. For more information visit www.lordchambray.com.mt

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