Tuesday 28 January 2020

GoTo goes rainbow for diversity

GoTo is wrapping up its first year on the island by transmitting a message of diversity on the roads and replacing the blue logo on four of its cars with a rainbow zigzag of Pride colours.
The island’s first national car sharing solution, which started operating its electric fleet last November, has surpassed expectations and today it has more than 8,000 registered users.

As part of its mission to drive change, GoTo felt there was no better way to celebrate Malta Pride Week and a diverse society than having part of its fleet — its cars are available all across the islands — sport a rainbow logo.
GoTo CEO Liran Golan said: “At GoTo, we celebrate diversity and inclusiveness across our employee base and people we serve. Pride week is a great opportunity for us to praise the LGBTIQ community and remember the importance of valuing diversity and freedom of choice, not only for thriving as a company but also as individual human beings.”
 GoTo, an €8 million initiative run by Car Sharing Services Malta, is a subsidiary of CAR2GO Israel, that was established in collaboration with Transport Malta.
The company’s eventual target is to expand to every type of shared mobility and is working to understand what other types of micro-mobility solutions it can add to its portfolio in the future.

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