Friday 22 March 2019

GO launches free telephone directory mobile app

GO has launched a free telephone directory mobile application. The app, which is available from both the Google Play store and the App store, gives access to the numbers of all registered phone and mobile telephony customers that have agreed to have their numbers listed in the directory service of their respective operator in Malta. The mobile app will include residential, business and Government numbers. No registration is required to use the app which can be accessed immediately after being downloaded, providing there is an active internet connection.
The new GO telephony directory mobile app has an easy to use search function. Residential, business and Government numbers can be searched by name, locality or address. Additionally, if users miss a call from an unrecognised fixed telephone number, an option exits for users to retrieve that caller’s details, providing the caller has given consent for his or her details to be accessible.
Kurt Camilleri, Chief Commercial Officer at GO, said, “The GO telephone directory mobile app puts hundreds of thousands of mobile and phone line numbers of all the operators in Malta on to the smartphones of anyone who wants to make use of it. Convenient, easy to use, and free, the launch of the app is part of GO’s ongoing commitment to Malta as the country’s communications services provider.”
For more information on the directory mobile app please visit:”

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