Tuesday 16 July 2019

Family insights preserved in calendar  to raise money for MCCFF

The raw authentic experiences of families and diverse couples are being commemorated in a 2019 calendar to raise money for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.
The idea for this calendar, which was launched today, stemmed from research carried out last year by the National Centre for Family Research within the President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society.
“The experiences of families we interviewed rang so true that we wanted to ensure their poignant quotes and photos continue to resonate through 2019 through this calendar,” Professor Angela Abela, who chairs the national centre, said.
The research had delved into how self-centred behaviour, financial struggles and the inability to communicate all chipped away at relationships as couples struggled to strike a balance between raising children and work commitments.
The fragility of marriage was also highlighted through changing perspectives of relationship commitment, the influence of social media and work routines, coupled with the perceived ease of getting a legal separation or divorce.
“The participants shared valuable insights into how they nurture and sustain relationships and we hope you find these insights inspiring too,” Prof. Abela said.
The calendar is available at €5 from the reception of San Anton Palace, Attard.

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