Friday 22 June 2018

€ 520,000 won with Quaterno+

Last Saturday, during the Lotto Draw, €520,000 was won by a lucky player of the Quaterno+ game.

The lucky winner last Saturday won by predicting correctly 5 out of the 8 numbers drawn but in his case  the 2 out of his 5 correct ones were from the 3 additional numbers drawn. Many winners have also won €750 and €50 by predicting correctly the 4 and 3 numbers drawn respectively.

Quaterno+ is the favourite Lotto game type that gives the opportunity to the players to win with 5 out of the 8 drawn numbers of the Lotto draw. The new form of the game offers additional flexibility to the players to win with the additional 3 numbers drawn and this is what actually happened during the last draw, as stated by Maltco Lotteries’ officials.

The first category prize of Quaterno+ starts at €250,000.

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