Saturday 16 February 2019

A book about love for this generation

“We are the dating app generation, craving speed and simplicity when looking for love.”

Written by Malta-based Fatima Mahdi, Love Don’t Come Easy provides a straight-talking and hearty discussion on the pitfalls of modern romantic relationships. It offers a fresh perspective on the ways in which we have socially evolved through technology and discusses the effect this is having on Millennials. There is a new language of love. The growing use of apps like Tinder makes it easier to fulfill burning desires – even if it is just for one night. Love Don’t Come Easy illuminates our changing perceptions of love and highlights how the online and offline world have become blurred. Love Don’t Come Easy enables you to:

  1. Ditch the game playing that was once viewed as the holy grail of a successful relationship.
  2. Find out if you really are the side chick, by taking the all-important ‘Side Chick Test’.
  3. Dissolve the fallacy and ideals that many people portray of love.

Love Don’t Come Easy challenges everything from the 90-day rule and hook-up culture, to issues relating to self-esteem and being friendzoned. It also presents compelling reasons why remaining faithful is so difficult, yet so imperative.

The book is going to be launched at Cafe Society in Valletta on Wednesday 18 April. Go to the Facebook event page for all details.

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