Friday 23 August 2019

Vodafone Malta shapes the world of two graduates

Through Vodafone’s Discover Program, an intensive training and development program that enables Vodafone to identify, retain and develop high-quality talent from University, Samra Akhtarkhavari and Giulia Brunetti are currently undergoing a customized training program which is providing them with exposure to Vodafone’s growth and career opportunities and helping them make an educated career choice by offering them job rotation across functions, career path insights and projects amongst others. Samra Akhtarkhavari has graduated in B. Communications (Hons) and English at the University of Malta  and Giulia Brunetti has obtained a Master of Science Degree in Marketing and Market Research at the University of Pisa, Italy. Both graduates are currently enjoying their Customer Facing induction phase and their final destination roles will be in Customer Experience (Commercial) and Customer Value Management (Consumer Business Unit) respectively.


“We aim to be the leading customer and talent oriented organisation that engages people,” said Gabriella Tanti Cappitta, Resourcing Senior Executive at Vodafone Malta. “We are constantly focusing on creating career growth opportunities for fresh graduates. Life here is very fast and it brings new challenges every day; working for us means an opportunity for new graduates to experience this great opportunity to grow in a company that is always evolving. The program will ensure that both graduates feel valued and will go that extra mile to contribute to an organisation with development as top priority. We wish both our Discover Graduates all the success in their journey at Vodafone!”

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