Monday 25 May 2020


The Malta Developers Association (MDA) whole heartedly congratulates Dr. George Vella on his being chosen to be the tenth President of the Republic of Malta.

MDA joins most of the people of Malta who agree with the choice of Dr. Vella for the Presidency and has no doubt that Dr. Vella will give the Presidency the gravitas it deserves. Dr. Vella is a veteran poltician whose integrity was never in doubt throughout his long career and gives the Presidency a different aspect of what our country should be proud of. Integrity is Dr. Vella’s hallmark and it is fit and proper that such values are given importance when choosing a person to occupy the Republic’s highest office.

The MDA has worked closely with the outgoing President, Dr. Marie Louise Coleiro Preca in her efforts to assist the less fortunate of Maltese citizens who are in need of support.

MDA also takes this opportunity to thank Ms. Coleiro Preca for the way she handled her responsibilities as President of the Republic to the benefit of the less fortunate citizens and of the country as a whole.

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