Thursday 26 April 2018


What we have learned so far

1. The Labour party’s enthusaism to unveil their campaign at the stroke of midnight was not exactly matched by the irate reporters who were asked to cover the event. I can just imagine the @#%&*@#$.

2.  The PN blatently lifted its imagery of the  PM and his deputy gazing dreamily into the far distance directly from the Obama/Biden poster.  There wasn’t even an attempt to position them differently.

Its rainbow logo is a copy of the NBC peacock.

Its slogan Futur fis-sod,  Xoghol-sahha-edukazzjoni borrows from its own previous slogans.

Not exactly a good start, is it?


3. Malta Taghna Lkoll (Malta belongs to everyone) – Labour’s catchphrase is probably one of the best they have ever come up with, although it does bear a faint resemblance to Ed Miliband’s “One nation” slogan.   Their logo has been compared to various marketing brands but what it reminded me of  was the colours used by Microsoft Windows .

4.  Labour’s use of the conventional family with 2.5 children (plus the dog) in their billboard is all very well – but what about other types of families? They vote too, you know.

5. Neither party has used its name or official emblem in their marketing material. Why is that?

6. After Day One, all we have had is fancy marketing with an emphasis on image and buzzwords.

7. When are we going to get some substance, you know, like the manifestos?

8. Wouldn’t it have been better to hold a snap election and get this whole thing over with?



  • Kirill

    PEACOCK – “Although the word is now used for both male and female of the species, the peacock is strictly speaking the male of the peafowl, distinguished by the long, green iridescent tail that it spreads out like a fan.The male peacock’s beauty and bearing led to its name becoming a synonym for a vain, self-conscious person and to the expression ‘proud as a peacock.”

    I believe this definition describes the PN leadership to a T !

    Midnight campaign launch- original but as you rightly said not very practical.

    • I am frankly very surprised that the PN has once again resorted to copying after how quickly it was spotted last time (remember the “flimkien kollox possibli” poster copied from Sarkozy?) In this day and age when it is so easy to google and trace slogans and photos, whoever is taking care of a political marketing campaign cannot simply think he can get away with this kind of thing without being caught out.

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