Saturday 24 March 2018


Wanted: A good advisor

Michelle Muscat’s decision to do a photo shoot for Style, a glossy fashion magazine, was met with derision and scathing remarks by some, and by open admiration by others. Of course, the reaction all depended on whether you voted Labour or not (mhux ovvja? Everything always boils down to that it seems). To be fair, there were some who liked the photo shoot irrespective of their politics, but I also read comments of pure visceral dislike towards the lady in question which startled me with their sheer nastiness.

While featuring “the wife” in a magazine has been done in the past (Kate Gonzi appeared quite a few times) this time it was different. Whether it was her decision or that of the editorial team, I feel Mrs Muscat should not have accepted to pose the way she did because it smacked too much of trying to look like a fashion model. What particularly jarred on the front cover was her conscious display of the expensive designer watch, in what looked like an obvious promotion (duly mentioned in the credits and supported by an advert). It looked unseemly.

Her role as the Prime Minister’s wife should be above such things. Many people do not agree with me, seeing absolutely nothing wrong with it and were fulsome in their praise of how great she looked. I am not disputing that – she does look great. But like many other things which are difficult to explain, to me the concept of the photo shoot (plus the photoshopping of the images) just seemed wrong.

The only photo which looked natural was the one with the twins where we could see the real Michelle, obviously happy to be with her girls. That’s how all the photos should have been, portraying an elegant woman who loves fashion, but someone who is real and not a mannequin.

If you look at Michelle Obama, who has appeared on countless covers, you will note how natural and at ease her poses are. You can tell that that is who she is.

Are these things really that important, some might ask? Yes, I think they are, and I’m not nitpicking here.

As the PM’s wife Michelle Muscat should be more careful about the message her public image is conveying. What kind of woman is she? What really matters to her?  Even if it was not her intention, that photo shoot seems to portray someone who is much too concerned with frivolous high-end fashion, especially as it came hot on the heels of that cringe-inducing invite to the fundraiser at Girgenti “for the high society”.  (She should have checked the wording since her name was attached to it).

These types of misguided and badly judged PR decisions are especially unfortunate coming from a Labour administration which has always campaigned in favour of the underpaid, exploited working class.  They seem to point to a team surrounding Michelle Muscat who are cut off from the real world of you and me, but who are more concerned with the fashionista circle.

And if you still think I’m nitpicking I invite you to read this article about Michelle Obama and how her choice of dress “sent a message”.




    “That’s how all the photos should have been, portraying an elegant woman who loves fashion, but someone who is real and not a mannequin.”

    Agreed 100,000%

  • Victor Laiviera

    “but I also read comments of pure visceral dislike towards the lady in question which startled me with their sheer nastiness.”

    Not hard to guess where …..

  • Tida

    If I didn’t know the person I would have said wow cause it’s a wow picture but….. for me that’s not a picture for a first lady …. posing !!! REDIKOLA

  • andrew de domenico

    Let the woman (the PM’s wife) get on with her new found status ! And as regards her husband, Joseph let him also get on with the job of getting Malta better, he had a very shrewd campaign, a team that really went down to the last voter, very clever, getting to the top today ,needs a very clever team, now lets ask or hope that all that cleverness is applied to Malt’s needs, we had it good under Gonzi now may we fare better, lets see after all what DO we expect? not a pretty efficient Malta, not to be left in peace ? yes of course there are events taking place not to our liking, but the new gov is in place the least we down grade Malta the worse,we need to instill the mentatity that every Maltese does his bit, or like Lord Nelson said, Malta expects everyone to do his duty.

  • L. Galea

    I agree with you, the image portrayed was more like Jackie Onasis


    Style magazine is funded by Sterling Jewellers who are the agents for Bulgari. If you recall, not so long ago on the cover we had the then President’s wife and two daughters – Mrs de Marco and her two lawyer daughters.
    The photographer for Style magazine is the inimitable Brian Grech who has his very own particular style – and you can be certain that he has his own ideas and no one is going to tell him what to do when it comes to photography.
    I thought it was a scoop for Style magazine to have Mrs Muscat on the cover and in the inside pages. Times change and even First Ladies are now more informal and it is permissable for them to do things which were unthinkable even in Jackie Kennedy’s day. The media is all now. She is a modern young woman and
    If I were to advice Mrs Muscat I would tell her not to do this kind of photoshoot often. This one would be enough for this year. If she is asked to do another one next year in another magazine it should be wearing more informal clothes.

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