Saturday 16 February 2019

They said what?

Muscat tells us with a flourish that we will be able to choose when to receive our electricity bills. How about never?

The PN’s General Council gathered together this week and approved its manifesto – so what would they have done at this point if it had not been approved?  PBO then told us that the electoral programme would be published on 21 January. No rush, take your time.

The Labour party has chosen the rather unfortunate phrase “I’m in” for its campaign which targets young people. This has lead to the inevitable double entendres and a spoof doing the rounds of Anglu Farrugia and Joseph Muscat in a rather compromising position.  Someone did not think that slogan through.

Norman Vella,  acting as the moderator, attempted some lame humour last night on Xarabank:  “you mention  HEAVY fuel oil and you find Pullicino in front of you”. George forced a tight smile.

AD and Carmel Cacopardo deserve “the political party which can take a joke” award. After Bis-Serjeta’ published an article Alternattiva to be everyone’s bitch for the next two months, it was uploaded on AD’s and Cacopardo’s facebook pages.  Thank God for politicians who have enough confidence to laugh at themselves.

Which is why the second prize has to go to Dr Michael Gonzi, who on seeing this photo of himself on Bis-Serjeta’s wall

wrote this wry comment underneath: “NEVER . He should start wearing a moustache . Well on the other hand better not. He might lose the election.”

The FB satiricial community stood up and clapped.

And now for my pick of the photo of the week courtesy of Il-Kbir San Ixeghlu:








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