Monday 15 October 2018

Round the bend

Austin Gatt seems to be miffed that Boris Johnson had the audacity to laugh at us for buying those unwieldy, unsuitable bendy buses to implement our own public transport reform.

But frankly,  if Boris and his audience at the Tory conference laughed at us for taking the buses off their hands, I don’t blame them. We will continue to be considered a joke as long as we blindly copy what happens in other countries rather than finding realistic, practical solutions for our infrastructure which are unique to the size and requirements of a tiny island.

The buses didn’t work in London and they surely did not work here. How did those responsible for the ‘reform’ not know this? Was any market research carried out at all? Was any real research even required to point out the obvious – that these long, long buses are simply too cumbersome for our type of road network?

It is the lack of real answers to these questions which should upset us as taxpayers, and not the fact that the flamboyant London mayor cracked a joke at our expense.


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