Saturday 16 February 2019

Maltese authors: Government’s decision violates human dignity

A group of Maltese authors have issued the following statement:

As citizens, authors and above all, human beings, we would like to express in the most categorical terms, our disapproval of the decision, or even the mere consideration, by the Maltese Government to push back the immigrants that came to Malta, an action that would have placed these people’s lives in grave danger.

We feel that the Maltese Government, elected by the people, not only has the power but above all the moral duty to offer its protection to these people, who live in the most trying circumstances.

It is with dismay that we note the lack of human compassion displayed by Malta, as evidenced by the fact that this action was only stopped after an intervention by the European Court of Human Rights.

We believe that no discourse about the “national interest” can justify such an act, especially since these refugees were about to be sent back in breach of their fundamental right to make their case.

For this reason, as Maltese citizens, we dissociate ourselves from this decision because we are convinced that it is in violation of all principles of human dignity.


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