Wednesday 23 May 2018


Assault on two Arriva drivers

The following statement has just  been issued by Arriva:

Following a shameful act of misguided racist aggression on its drivers, Arriva Malta would like to express support for its employees.  This recent ugly incident, which necessitated police intervention, occurred yesterday evening, in the area of Mgarr. One of our drivers was victim of racist attack after the bus came to a stop because a car was blocking the road. A number of  other people soon joined in the insults and personal abuse. When some minutes later a second driver arrived on site, he was also affronted with racist insults which progressed to physical assault.

Kim Purcell, Arriva’s Operations Director, said that Arriva would like to point out that drivers are hard workers who often work in difficult situations. “Arriva is unequivocally stating that all aggressions will be reported to the Police and drivers will receive full assistance in any eventual court proceedings. All our buses are fitted with CCTV cameras which will be used as evidence. The Company will not tolerate any type of violence, especially racism.”

  • c

    These misguided racist aggressors are looking the wrong way for their role model.

  • Joe

    The first attack can be called racist because the man was of a different race. But I seem to have read that the second driver was Italian. Italians are Caucasian, like most Maltese people so it can’t be called a racist attack. Actually this talking about races makes me feel uncomfortable as we are just fuelling the hysteria.

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