Sunday 17 February 2019

Anything you can do, I can do better

So reducing energy tariffs seems to be feasible after all. Don’t take my word for it,  Lawrence Gonzi said so, although for some reason it was only when he got to Berlin that he remembered to announce this.

It would have been nice if the government had actually done something about it in the last five years, but I suppose this is going to be the way this campaign unfolds. The promises are coming thick and fast and so far we’ve had the following:

  1. No matter who is elected, everyone is going to reduce the cost of electricity
  2. There is apparently going to be so much money floating around that the government can afford to waive a €400,000 loan owed by a private school
  3. The Marsaskala family park is suddenly, magically, going to be ready just before election day.  God Bless.

Meanwhile the finger-pointing continues. Absentee voting is not available because the Labour party didn’t co-operate, says the government.  Really now?

Come on PN, you managed to push through plenty of laws and amendments without Labour’s backing, so only those who are deaf, dumb and blind are buying this excuse.

The way I see it, absentee voting is not available because providing dirt cheap flights to thousands of Maltese living and working abroad is, let’s just say, a nice little incentive to vote…for you know who.

Some observations

Tonio Fenech (who seems to be everywhere, all the time, on every channel – has he been cloned?) has carefully coined the phrase “desktop review” to criticize Labour’s energy plans. I think there are instructions to use this at every opportunity because I just heard Jason Azzopardi using it as well. Stayed tuned for more phrases in the mandatory PN lexicon.

Joseph Muscat, in between posing for a rather cheesy photo with a dog, made a joking remark about Tonio seeing a vision of Our Lady.  A prospective PM poking fun at someone’s religious beliefs during an election campaign…what was he thinking?


What was really a vision was watching Simon Bustuttil navigating dangling tracksuits at the flea market, turning on his “be nice to the common people” sugary voice and asking a little old lady to pray for the PN as they need a lot of votes.  Was this guy really an MEP?










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