Saturday 16 February 2019

When it comes to friends and family – Do different politics really matter?

During an election campaign, temperatures rise and arguments can get heated. But does this mean that friendships are ruined and even relationships can suffer?  Or do we simply surround ourselves with people who have the same political beliefs as we do?

Abigail Mallia (TV Producer)

” I have never let politics lead to the breaking down of friendships or relationships. I am surrounded by friends and family whose opinions vary. I am all for a healthy discussion, then if I see that the discussion is getting nowhere and emotions are getting out of hand I change subject. I think it’s only natural. You cannot always surround yourself with people who only share your line of view.

We usually have healthy debates within our family. We might get upset when discussing, but that happens when one is arguing passionately about anything, not just with politics! On the other hand, if I meet friends or acquaintances and sense that there is no way this person will budge or interact with the arguments I am proposing, I usually listen to what they have to say without commenting.

I definitely do not agree that you can only be good friends with those who feel the same way about politics.

Most of my friends don’t share my political views. Also, I don’t believe in a fixed partisan opinion. I believe parties change and circumstances change. I am a floating voter so I could never limit myself to people who share my same opinion, since this opinion does change according to which party seems closer to my principles and line of thought.

I do believe that politics shape our identity, but I’m not referring to politics on the level of who I vote for, but rather politics on an ideological level. It is very unfortunate that we are still unable to have such discussions openly without being labelled and subsequently penalised. Discussion at the level of policies, rather than simple black or white partisan politics would definitely yield a healthier electorate, which is not always the most comfortable idea for some politicians.”


Charles Pace (retired) 


“I don’t think it should matter because friendship goes beyond politics.

We mostly have healthy debates always knowing when enough is enough. Most of my friends do not share my political views but i have no problem with that.
If the other person doesn’t know how to call a spade a spade I would say it would be difficult to have a relationship with someone with a different political opinion.

However if a person can meet you half way and agree on some common ground it should not be a problem, No party is perfect and I detest the idolization of politicians.”

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