Wednesday 16 January 2019

This week, the Malta Short Film Festival presents three  documentaries; which vary in theme and style but attempt to delve into the motive behind people’s actions.


Lunik IX (Slovakia/UK)

Director: Michelle Coomber

A tale of childhood in Central Europe’s largest Roma ghetto. Named after the Soviet satellite Lunik IX.

Time and Science Russia

Director: Gustav Kulsarina


Murat Kamaletdinov is the son of the national enemy. Every period of his life consisted of struggling for his human rights: To study at a prestigious university, and for his discoveries in geology. This is a personal account of his achievements and how he is passing his experiences on to the next generation.


Without Papers (USA)

Director : Krochik Florencia

This documentary follows the lives of two immigrants attending college as they struggle to overcome their undocumented status.


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