Friday 22 March 2019

Valletta Living Together: Enriching 450 years as a Bastion of Diversity

On Saturday 6 June, SOS Malta together with the Valletta Local Council and with support of the Valletta 2018 Foundation will launch the Intercultural City Strategy for Valletta 2015-2018, as part of Valletta Living Together (VLT), a 16 month project co-financed by the European Fund for Integration of Third Country Nationals which aims to actively improve the cities approach to ensuring the inclusion of migrants into Maltese society and to ensuring that both migrants and the Maltese population are able to benefit from the presence of migrants in society.
A one day Intercultural Music and Arts Festival will be held on Saturday at the Great Siege Square in Valletta. Free activities, including learning about traditional Maltese and foreign crafts and culture, such as carnival float making and Valletta sweet making will be available and will be accompanied by live music from Valletta and around the world throughout the day. The aim of this event will be to promote awareness about the positive cultural richness of Valletta as an Intercultural city.
The intercultural festival will provide the forum to launch the newly published Valletta Intercultural City Strategy, which provides a 3 years strategy of action aimed at building on Valletta’s rich heritage and growing contemporary diversity as a catalyst for its renewal and further development as Malta’s intercultural capital in which all residents, visitors and workers alike are able to contribute to and benefit from their association with Valletta. At the Festival you will also find a stand where you can learn more about the strategy and come to pick up your printed copy.
During the day a roundtable will be held to present the strategy with key local stakeholders and foreign experts from the Council of Europe, The intercultural city of Limerick and the Intercultural City of Patras. Together the stakeholders will discuss the strategy and its implementation going forward.
For more information on the project and events, please contact: [email protected]

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