Thursday 18 October 2018

GSD Marketing Ltd supports green and humanitarian causes at The Bubble – Festival of Love

The second edition of ‘The Bubble 2016 – Festival of Love’, supported by GSD Marketing Ltd in aid of green and humanitarian causes, was held recently at the Elysium in Għajn Tuffieħa, a beautiful green area perched on top of Golden Bay.
Music, art, co-creation and awareness are at the heart of this positive occurrence. The intention behind this event was to create awareness about the environment, the arts and the community by taking people away from their mundane, everyday routine.
This year’s event, sponsored by GSD Marketing Ltd – distributors of The Coca-Cola Company brands produced in Malta by The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd – also highlighted The Coca-Cola Foundation’s Alteraqua project. The main aim of the Alteraqua project includes mobilising Non-Conventional Water Resources to increase water harvesting and availability in a sustainable, cost-effective way and promote a new water culture, at both a local and a national level.
“As a company, we are committed to support the community through activities that raise the public’s awareness and conscience to live sustainably by empowering disadvantaged societies and respecting the environment,” said GSD Marketing Ltd General Manager Brian Galea.
“Visitors were be able to partake in several activities including arts and crafts workshops for children and adults, lectures and workshops on green issues, and get-to know sessions with different NGOs. The festival also provided excellent music, live events and a few surprises thrown in the mix,” said Public Affairs and Communication Executive at GSD Marketing Ltd. Clarissa Jones.
The money raised for charity during the festival was donated to three organisations, including Right 2 Smile, an international NGO supporting young women in India by giving them access to education and employment; the Gaia Foundation, an NGO that work hard all year round to make sure that sites like Għajn Tuffieħa are preserved and maintained; and Why Not?, which has a mission to create new platforms where more educational and environment-related workshops and events take place.
“The Bubble sets out to create an atmosphere of learning, creativity, fun, relaxation, charity and sharing of new ideas,” said Matthew Buttigieg on behalf of Bubble, the non-profit NGO behind the festival.

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