Tuesday 16 July 2019

Science in the City brings more than 40 family fun activities


Science in the City, European Researchers’ Night will be brimming with more than 40 activities for all the family on Friday.  The third edition features attractions in diverse fields from the human body to space science, evolution of technology to video games, art and culture to entertainment, including science shows, dance and theatre.


A planetarium awaits visitors at the heart of Amaze2 in St George’s Square. Researchers from the Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy (ISSA) will talk about astronomical phenomena from black holes to exoplanets.


At the Italian Cultural Institute students reading for a higher diploma at MCAST Institute of Art and Design are showing an exhibition called The Scientist. The students met researchers from the University of Malta then created a range of visual arts including sculpture, illustration and photography inspired by their scientist.


The Palace Courtyard will be hosting the first International Science Theatre Festival: Astronomy. The Trials of Galileo starring the one-man rollercoaster actor Tim Hardy at 8.00pm, while at 10.00pm starts L’Uomo che peso’ il mondo, a production by Nuove Cosmogonie Teatro featuring Pino Scicluna.  At the end of each play Astrophysicists will hold a Q & A session. Tickets at €15 per person for each play can be purchased through Teatru Manoel online booking: teatrumanoel.com.mt or at the door.


The Royal Pharmacy in Republic Street will display an interesting collection of artifacts and instruments preparations that have fallen into disuse and a number of activities for both adults and children. Pharmacists and pharmacy students will be on hand to measure BMI, administer short lifestyle questionnaires and screen adults for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  (T2DM) or risk of T2DM to adults visiting the premises while children can participate in a competition on health sciences with prizes. This will be held on the hour from 7.00pm to 9.00pm.


Still at The Royal Pharmacy, the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists will implement the QaM Project {EuroPharm Forum  (WHO/Euro)} on a random sample of the adult Maltese visitors (QaM stands for ‘Questions that patients  should ask about their medicines …and pharmacists should  respond to). It is a project of the EuroPharm Forum (WHO/Euro). Results shall be announced later.


MEUSAC at 280 Republic Street, is hosting a EU Corner with information and games about research happening in the European Union as it launches its Horizon 2020 programme.Inside the building will be dedicated to children while outside will be buzzing with various interactive activities for everyone.


Laughter is the best medicine and it is not missing at this year’s event. Malcolm Galea, Philip Leone Ganado and other comedians will kick off a hilarious show at 10.30pm infront of the Law Courts. It will be a night of science-inspired standup comedy called Haha….Boom! – Stand Up meets Science….in the City!

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Science in the City brings more than 40 family fun activities/page 2


While visitors are enjoying the comedy and talks in the area, wine can be sampled from Ta’ Mena wine bar set up opposite the stage. Oenologist, wine researcher Roger Aquilina will be giving short but informative talks about the general science of wine making.


Over to City Entrance at the Science Fair, General Soft Drinks Company Limited will display a mini lab showing the manufacturing of Coca-Cola, from blow molding to bottling. Visitors can try out their quality control tests, the science behind the soft drink.


The Science in the City festival—European Researchers’ Night is supported by the EU’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action of the Horizon 2020 (H2020) Programme. The event is organised by the University of Malta, Malta Chamber of Scientists and the Research Trust of the University of Malta (RIDT), in partnership with Karl Borg Events, Studio 7, Valletta 2018 Foundation, MEUSAC, Valletta Local Council, Malta Council for Science and Technology, Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology, Arts Council Malta, PBS, Notte Bianca, St James Cavalier, Lufthansa Technik Malta, General Soft Drinks with Coca Cola, Ta’ Mena wines, Italian Cultural Institute and British Council.


The full programme and venue details can be downloaded from www.scienceinthecity.org.mt

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