Wednesday 18 July 2018

Recital by Tricia Dawn Williams

TRANSIT[ion] extends the black and white piano keyboard towards multi-coloured landscapes of video, electronic music and extended piano technique. A large screen will constitute the backdrop to the concert, enticing the audience to a contemporary and interdisciplinary portrait of the piano.

This concert, forming part of Evenings on Campus will be held on Sunday 23 July, 9pm at the newly refurbished Valletta Campus Theatre (ex-MITP).

The programme will include:

SUSPENSIONS for piano & EMG sensors by Atau Tanaka

POUNDING for piano & video by Ruben Zahra

THE VOICE OF LIR by Henry Cowell

PIANO COUNTERPOINT for piano & tape, arrangement by Vincent Corver of SIX PIANOS by Steve Reich

TRANSIT for piano & video by Michel van der Aa

MAKROKOSMOS Vol 2, Part 2 for amplified piano by George Crumb

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