Saturday 20 October 2018

How the Gillette Facebook promotion of the Landrover Malta Marathon worked

“I ran the Malta Marathon with Gillette” kept popping up all over Facebook yesterday.  If you were wondering how photos of Marathon participants were authomatically being tagged on their profile,  here is the answer.

Participants in this year’s Land Rover Malta Marathon were able to take home a fantastic keepsake to serve as a memory of their achievements. Gillette in collaboration with the new ShvoongTag technology offered all participants, and indirectly their friends and families, a unique opportunity to capture their personal challenges and triumphs during the Malta Marathon on Facebook in real time. Participants simply needed to log on to and enter their race bib number.

Gillette photographers were stationed at key points along the marathon route uploading pictures as they shoot. The pictures were tagged automatically through the scanning of the bar code printed on the runners bib! At the end of the race each participant who registered with the Gillette ShvoongTag app automatically received a personalised digital album of their photographs to share with their friends.

Those who did not have Facebook could use their friends’ FB account to register and be tagged.

The service was absolutely free and easy to do and it allowed friends or family, near or far, to follow them as the race happened.


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