Monday 22 April 2019


Interactive sculpture by Norbert Francis Attard
7th bewegter wind
Windpark Söhrewald, Kassel, Germany
17-31 August 2014

A turbine ventilator needs no electrical power. It is wind driven and
is assured 24 x 7 ventilation at zero operating cost.  A slightest
wind draft induces outward airflow by centrifugal force. This results
in negative pressure inside the 70cm diameter x 6m high alluminium
pipe. Fresh ambient air from outside rushes in to maintain equilibrium.
This is an interactive work. People of any height are able to enter
into the internal space of the pipe through the 40cm-wide vertical
opening. Once inside, the strong sensation of the wind will be
experienced through the flow of wind currents created by a continuous
cycle of ventilation.

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